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Maine Association of Conservation Commissions

Connecting Communities to  Resources

A Word
About Us

We at Maine Association of Conservation Commissions are committed to connecting communities to each other and to the waters, woods and wildlife of our beautiful state. Explore our website to learn more about all that our members are doing to make their towns a better place for all. We are a non-profit organization dedicated to helping our members educate, advise and organize.

MEACC Annual Meeting


Find a Voice

We are committed to helping Maine citizens form and maintain town conservation commissions. Our members advise their local Planning and Select Boards, conduct natural resource surveys and steward public land. Call us if you have questions about starting a conservation commission in your town.

Planning Meeting


Learn Together

Local conservation commissions work on a wide range of environmental issues. Vernal pool surveys, dark sky initiatives, invasive plant eradication - our members have done it all - always with the help of community volunteers. We encourage our conservation commissions to educate themselves and to educate others.

spotted salamander


Make It So

At Maine Association of Conservation Commissions, we are dedicated to introducing our members to each other. Sharing experiences, ideas, and even grants helps us reach our goals together.

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