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Climate Change Planning Resources for Conservation Commissions


Compiled by Beginning with Habitat, April 2019





Maine-specific Resources


General Assessments and Planning Tools


Maine’s 2015-2025 Wildlife Action Plan


Maine’s 2015-2025 Wildlife Action Plan Conservation Action Tracker


Beginning with Habitat Partnership


Beginning with Habitat MapViewer


Maine’s Climate Future and Climate Change Institute


Maine Interagency Climate Adaptation Workgroup Toolkit


Maine Species and Habitats Vulnerability Assessment


Maine Mountain Collaborative



Coastal and Aquatic-focused Resources


Coastal Community Grants


Municipal Planning and Assistance Program Climate Adaptation Guide Series

Maine Flood Resilience Checklist


Information on living shorelines


Sea level rise/storm surge


Maine Beach Mapping Program Shoreline Changes


Highest Astronomical Tide Line


Potential Tidal Marsh Migration


SLOSH maps


Coastal Bluff and Landslide Hazard Maps


Maine Flood Hazard Map Viewer


Future Habitat Explorer and the Coastal Risk Explorer


Casco Bay Estuary Partnership





Regional/National Resources


Migrations in Motion


Center for Large Landscape Conservation

Connectivity video:


Resolution 40-3: Connectivity for a Changing Climate


Resilient Land Mapping Tool


World Business Council for Sustainable Development


Yellowstone to Yukon Conservation Initiative


Conserving Nature in the Face of Climate Change Guide for Land Trusts

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